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Welcome to Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary

Here in South Carolina there are several places for cats and dogs to get help, and we have Carolina Wildlife Care to take in any wildlife in trouble... yet there are many needy animals that do not fall into either of these categories and have no place to go.

Animal Control and the SPCA do not have the facilities to keep such animals, and they are routinely euthanized. Many of them have never enjoyed decent food, a warm bed, or a special snack from a loving hand.

Cotton Branch Farm is a non-profit sanctuary which will be a refuge for such animals: horses, goats, cows, pigs, llamas, donkeys, mules, emus, chickens, turkeys and peacocks -- all the critters that are now falling through the cracks!

Now, abused and neglected critters will be able to live out their lives in comfort and peace, never to face hatred, confinement, or starvation again. They deserve no less!

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Click on logo to sign up and you'll donate about a cent to our cause for every Internet search you perform. Goodsearch has supported over a billion nonprofits, charities, and other good causes across the country for eight years, who they've helped to earn almost $10 million from donors like you.

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It's easy to donate to Cotton Branch when you can do it while you shop.Click on the logo above, sign up and search Cotton Branch. Use their wide array of coupons to grab deals of your own while at the same time supporting our cause.