Animal Sponsorship's are an affordable way to help us cover the costs for each animal’s feed, shelter and care. Use your credit card to help cover the costs of caring for a rescued farm animal. All transactions are secure.

Can an animal have multiple sponsors? Absolutely! We have many who support the health and well-being of one of many of our residents. "It takes a village..." to do what we do!


Tucker and his mom were neglected and starved when we found them; his mom was too far gone and passed away by the end of the week. If we had found him even one week later, he would not have made it. We nursed Tucker back to health! He is quite the beautiful stallion now and loves everyone!

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Ethel came to us from a horrible hoarding situation. She was extremely malnourished and underweight; so much so no one knew she had come to us pregnant. She gave birth two days after arriving at Cotton Branch. Most of her babies did not survive, but her son Skid made it and is still here at the sanctuary with us! Ethel also received a life saving surgery when we took her to the University of Tennessee to have a large ovarian tumor removed, and she was spayed then too.

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