Meet Tucker!


Once upon a time… there lived a mother and her foal. Anyone would expect them to live happily together, frolicking in a field of green, lush grass somewhere because that’s what all horses deserve, along with shelter for warmth and protection from the elements, enough food to fill their bellies, clean fresh water, room to run, and all the love in the world. Instead, Tucker and his mother were skin and bones, neglected and starving.

That was until Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary came to their rescue. Due to extreme abuse and neglect, Tucker’s mother sadly passed away only a week after the rescue. If help would have arrived any later than it did, Tucker would have suffered the same fate as his mother.

The Cotton Branch family of volunteers nursed Tucker back to health. He is now living a life of joy and peace at the sanctuary. Tucker is quite the charmer - he loves to meet new people and seeks attention from all who visit Cotton Branch. But don't let him fool you - he has also become quite the pickpocket, chewing on visitors' clothes and sneaking items from their pockets. (He says it’s his version of “borrowing” and showing affection.)

When my son and I visited the residents at Cotton Branch, Tucker stood at the fence watching our every move until we walked over to greet him.


Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary's work changes the lives of farmed animals like Tucker every day through its rescue and transport efforts, and the exceptional care volunteers give the residents. The Cotton Branch staff also works hard to educate the community about these animals - as they feel the same love, pain, fear and joy as our dog and cat companions.

Become a part of the Cotton Branch family of volunteers today by joining our Volunteer, Action, and Transport Networks! With your help the lives of our residents, and your own, will be changed forever. 

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