Meet Louise!

Louise at Animal Control

Louise was forced to live on concrete and eat dog food while locked away at animal control. But Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary rescued her on her euthanasia date. It was almost too late for Louise, but thanks to the sanctuary's swift rescue mission, she was saved.


Louise is a kind and gentle soul who loves attention and will follow people she knows for belly rubs (especially Josh, the Cotton Branch Director of Acceptance & Re-Homing). Josh and Louise share a very special bond, as he rode in the back of the vehicle on the three-hour trip to the sanctuary from animal control. To this day, if she hears Josh's voice at the sanctuary, she comes running up to find him. Louise hopes all Cotton Branch visitors and volunteers will enjoy giving her a few belly rubs!


Today, Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary continues to rescue, transport and care for animals like Louise, and also educates the public about how to care for farmed animals. Cotton Branch engages the community through outreach, conveying to everyone that all creatures are sentient beings who deserve love, peace and happiness. Cotton Branch residents are now able to live a life free of abuse, abandonment and neglect because of the sanctuary's rescue efforts.


Donations and volunteers make it possible for Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary to continue its work to change the world for farmed animals. Want to get involved? Volunteer today!

Meeting the residents will change your life (and the residents' lives too)!

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