The Dark Side of Dairy: Freckles' Story



Female, dairy cows have to be impregnated in order to lactate, (produce milk), and have their calves taken from them soon after birth, so the milk can be pumped and consumed by humans. Cows form extremely close bonds with their calves, even in the womb. Having their calves taken away not only prevents the calves from getting the nutrition they need, but leaves both the mothers and calves heartbroken. If anyone has any question whether this bond is strong, check out this video of a mother cow, (who was rescued from a dairy farm and brought to a sanctuary), be reunited with her baby. This heartbreaking process happens to millions of dairy cows each year, except they never have the opportunity to be reunited with their babies again.

One question still remains: What happens to the calves if they are taken from their mothers?

Unfortunate answer: Female calves often share the same, terrible fate of becoming a dairy cow and having her baby ripped from her. Male calves have a separate, horrible fate all their own and are sold for slaughter. This is unfortunately where Freckles' story begins...

Freckles was born on a dairy farm and ripped from his mother. He faced the fate of being slaughtered, when a loving and kind supporter of Carolina Waterfowl Rescue saved him. Through the help and kind hands of many from Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, Izzie's Pond, and Big Oaks Rescue Farm, Freckles made it to Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary, a save haven for abused, abandoned, and rescued farm animals. Freckles resides at the sanctuary and loves his forever home, (and the visitors and volunteers that come with it). He seeks affection from everyone!

Every time you think about consuming dairy, think of Freckles and the millions of calves that aren't as lucky. Don't be a part of the heartbreak and suffering. Instead, be a part of the thousands of people that are changing the lives of animals and pledge to eat a compassionate diet today, (without animal products)! Check out these kind recipes that are mouth-watering good! 

Want to help more animals like Freckles? Join Cotton Branch's family of donors and supporters today! Volunteer with some of the most caring and compassionate individuals on the face of the planet, while meeting Freckles and the other residents. 

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