At Cotton Branch, we not only work to save farm animals in need, we strive to educate others on the need for rescue; the treatment of animals on factory and organic farms; the consequences of factory farming on our environment; and the benefits of a plant based lifestyle.

Many know so little about farm animals and their wonders, and we want to change that!

Many are unaware of the impact of factory farming on, not only these amazing creatures, but also on our environment and our health. We want to change that!

One conversation at a time.

One heart at a time.

The change begins with us...on our our attitudes and deeds.

We are always available for questions about the proper care of farm animals and transitioning to a plant based diet. We also love speaking to people at special events, and even in the classroom, about the importance of animal rescue and plant based living! We are also available to host Field Trips for your classroom at the sanctuary! What better way for kids to understand the importance of caring for animals than to visit a sanctuary in person?! 

To provide a well rounded and complete educational experience, we have partnered with the Humane League - Charlotte. You can learn more about their work HERE

If you would like us to speak in your classroom, at your event, or host a field trip here at Cotton Branch, please reach out to Josh!


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