10 Reasons Why Chickens Rock!


*Photo credit: Josh Costner of Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary


1. Chickens are actually decedents of dinosaurs! They are the closest living relative to the Tyrannosaurus Rex!


2. Research has shown mother hens feel empathy for their baby chicks, especially when chicks are stressed.


3. Chickens have a super good memory! They can recognize over 100 different individuals, (including humans)!


4. Chickens have different alarm calls for different predators. This way, they can alert others in their flock who is coming.


5. Chickens see in full color!


6. Science has shown that chickens experience rapid eye movement or REM when they sleep. This means chickens dream like we do!


7. Chickens have pain receptors that make them feel pain and distress just like humans.


8. Chickens actually talk to their babies when they are still in the womb!


9. Chickens love to play, enjoy sunbathing, and like to take dust baths.


10. Chickens are extremely intelligent. Science has shown they not only care deeply about their young, but they can also solve complex problems, understand cause & effect and object permanence, and even worry.



Want to spend some time with these awesome, sentient beings? Give some love to the chickens at Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary!


**These facts were learned from information on onekind.org, peta.org, coolkidfacts.com, and care2.org. Also, some of this information was expressed by people that share their lives with these feathered friends.




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